Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Installing security doors and access control systems in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Oaks CCTV Limited provide high-quality and comprehensive security door access control systems. We have an experienced team who are able to seamlessly incorporate a brand-new or upgraded security door access control system into your daily operations.

Oaks initiated the installation of security door access control systems in 1996. Since then, Oaks has expanded its services to encompass Norfolk and the neighbouring regions, including Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

The team at Oaks has extensive experience in installing security door access control systems for various types of clients and has successfully implemented state-of-the-art security door access control systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of its clients.

What are Security Door Access Control Systems?

A security door access control system is an electronic system operated by a computer that requires electronic passes to unlock doors to gain building access. These passes communicate with electronic readers using encoded radio waves. There are multiple different types of door access control systems available, each catering to different needs.

Access control systems are vital for several reasons, with security being the primary and utmost importance. The core purpose of access control is to safeguard premises by permitting entry exclusively to authorised individuals, therefore ensuring optimal security measures.

Access control systems are prone to common wear and tear and typical errors, necessitating regular maintenance. Engaging in preventive maintenance aids in the detection of system vulnerabilities, resolving both minor and major issues, and guarding against significant breakdowns. At Oaks CCTV, we not only specialise in installing access control systems but also provide comprehensive system maintenance services.

The Types of Access Control Systems:
Maglocks: Maglocks are electrically powered locking mechanisms utilized to maintain the security of an entrance. These electromagnets are affixed to the door frame and connected to a power source, while the armature plate is mounted on the door itself. Maglocks come in various types, including conventional maglocks, maglocks suitable for in swinging doors, and maglocks designed for double leaf doors.
Strikes: An electric strike is a metal plate affixed to a door frame, which can be remotely unlocked using electrical control. These devices can be programmed to lock or unlock doors according to specific schedules or based on the user’s access privileges. Electric strikes are commonly found in commercial environments and are also beneficial for regulating entrances and exits in residential buildings.
Card and Fob Access: Key card and key fob systems are electronic access control methods employed for managing entry and exit from buildings. Key fobs and key cards are electronic devices that grant authorised individuals the ability to unlock doors. Key card access systems provide businesses with a practical, versatile, and cost-efficient way to monitor and control access to a building or area.
Biometric Readers: A biometric device is an electronic device that utilises biometric identifiers to authenticate and confirm the identity of individuals. Various types of biometric devices encompass fingerprint scanners, biometric mobile devices, and terminals employing facial recognition technology.
GSM Wireless Modules: A GSM modem or GSM module is a device that utilises GSM mobile telephone technology to establish a wireless data connection with a network. GSM modems are employed in mobile telephones and other devices that communicate with mobile telephone networks. These modems rely on SIM cards to identify themselves to the network.